Top Worldwide Cargo Shipping

Top Worldwide Cargo Shipping

It’s always to offer highly freight and custom clearance services to gain at first your expectations and satisfaction at all times in order to handle your transportation requirements from the moment of pickup until delivery

We will continue seeking to be a global pioneer provider of freight forwarding and customs clearance in the world.

With us, you can be sure that your cargo is in good hands with competitive pricing, a top level of communication, and a commitment to handle your shipment professionally.  We are a unique source for all Imports and Customs Clearance. Inclusive of A-to-Z importing services, reducing delays and saving you on costs.

Parcel-co is a global freight forwarding company & a custom clearance agent providing safe, risk-free, and sound services. It was established in 2019 in the UK, London. Since then, Parcel-co has proved itself as an expert in this industry which motivated it to open another branch in the Middle East, Dubai, UAE.
We deliver cargo from the UK to every location around the world. Parcel-co is having freighter connections to main and transit airports for shipments with larger dimensions. These global partnerships give Parcel-co priority access to competitive rates and space allocations. Parcel-co services can be door-to-door with the entire collection, customs clearance, and delivery tracking by our safe tracking system. 

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Parcel-co – we go extra mile…

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