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We ship cars overseas by air, sea container, and land carriers worldwide. Easy pick-up and drop-off. This is a cost-effective method of shipping your car. For cars being shipped with personal effects, shipping by sea container is the most appropriate method. Specialist and high-value cars can be sent by airfreight. Dependent on your destination we can arrange car shipments to any destination.

Shipping in Air Freight:

Air freighting of cars is fast, safe, and secure and can be very cost-effective in certain circumstances for highly valuable vehicles, and usually a most expensive method of transport. It is the preferred choice when shipping exotic and high-value vehicles.

Shipping in Dedicated Container:

This is the preferred method for shipping high-value vehicles and classic cars. We can collect your car from any address, on a recovery truck or you can opt to save and deliver the car yourself to our nominated depot. Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of the car.

Shipping in Consolidated Container:

Car Shipping in consolidated containers is more economical than other modes. The car is securely put into the container with two or more cars in it. Safety of all units is ensured with your fastening to the container bed using a 5-ton industry-grade, the top-of-the-line lashing belt that can support up to 5 tons of weight.

Car Shipping in Land Carriers:

Car Shipping in land Truck carriers is an economical mode for shipping cars mainly for GCC countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman etc.

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