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Motorcycle Transport/Auto Transportation, also known as vehicle shipping or car shipping, is a service that aids people in moving their vehicles from one location/country to another by road, sea, and even by air to transport vehicles.

During transport in an open carrier, the vehicles are outdoors and exposed to the elements. The number of cars transported is usually 5-10. Open car carriers are usually loaded to full capacity, so the car owners can divide the transportation cost among themselves. This means that transporting your vehicle in an open carrier is the most cost-efficient solution. Shippers usually choose it for transporting sedans and minivans.

international car shipping
International Car Transport

As opposed to open car carriers, enclosed car carriers are typically used for transporting luxury and vintage cars. The cars are shipped in a closed container, protected from external elements. Typically, no more than three cars are shipped in an enclosed carrier. That is one of the reasons why enclosed carriers are a more expensive option than open car carriers.

We ship cars overseas by air, sea container, and land carriers worldwide. This is a cost-effective method of shipping your car. For cars being shipped with personal effects, shipping by sea container is the most appropriate method. Specialist and high-value cars can be sent by airfreight. Dependent on your destination we can arrange car shipments to any destination.

Contact us today if you want to ship your car from London to the Middle East, Asia, or Europe, or ship it to the United Kingdom from overseas!

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